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November 2007



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Nov. 19th, 2007

-- FIVE:


Setzen Sie #4 aus: Chrondrodendron wurde tomentosum ins Thema noch es gab keine Wirkung verdaut, damit der nächste Schritt war, es einzuspritzen. Die Ergebnisse überraschten nicht, als es dass die Kommunikation zwischen den Muskeln auffiel, und die Nervenimpulse haben paralysation verursacht. Innerhalb ein paar Moment hat das Thema geschienen, hustende Geräusche, die Gifte gemacht zu haben, jedoch hat durch den ganzen Körper gearbeitet und das erste Symptom war die Augen, von dem hinunter herabgehangen hat. Insgesamt hören die Lungen auf zu arbeiten und folglich sie sterben von Erstickung.


Really you two, running off like that and leaving me to my unavoidable capture, though it really is a shame you two didn't stay for the whole display. I'm sure you two must have been busy with something more important such as study.

On another note, it appears as though I will not be going back to my room for a while, it is an unbelievable mess; no, it was not caused by me and I am not expected to clean up other's trash so do not rub in moronic remarks.

Riddles do seem to be getting rather popular nowadays. Isn't there a better source as entertain but how could I resist:

Once upon a time, there was a detective; he was the smartest detective in the world and no one could ever baffle him yet one day his successor's best friend's lover came up to him and said: "What is the one question you cannot answer?"

And the answer is?

[[OOC: Okay, this riddle has no answer or many answers or I really do not know, it could be What is your fave cheese and that would be the right answer, or you could say What is the meaning of life and that would be the wrong answer, D is just a fuckhead]]
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Nov. 10th, 2007

-- T W O:

[Private to self // Unhackable]

Bekannt, das größte Eiweiß (CO NH) zu sein, stellend 26.926 Aminosäuren dar. (H2 NCHRCOOH) Molekular ist das Gewicht vom normalen älteren Eiweiß, das 2.993.451,39 Da ist, folglich es hat einen pI von 6,01 noch die empirische chemische Formel ist. C132983H211861N36149O40883S693.

Trägt zur Steifheit der Muskeln, ich mich frage bei, wenn es gibt, etwas mag dieses, das in eine Sorte der Droge gebildet werden könnte, die die gespannte machen kann. Nein ist das zu dumm.

Silly little riddles done by L.
Well, I'm not bothered - do not really care either.

[/Private to self]

Poor little S, I bet he is in his room bawling his eyes out while punching one of his stuff toys and ripping out the fluff, how adorable for him to throw a tantrum to get attention and sympathy.

How are you holding up Y?
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Nov. 9th, 2007

-- O N E:

Not overly fond of online journals of which can be easily hacked by those that are known as talented by this orphanage, plus I am much more use to meeting people face to face but it cannot be helped as it does happen to be the new age which technology is needed.
Also I had to move rooms considering the disaster that happened a while ago, but I find the new setting uncomfortable.
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